TELL US YOUR STORY The Findley Brothers

Jim Findley was born at home on December 25; yes, Christmas Day. His older brother, Don, said, "Well, I don't reckon it was any different than any other day, but I was only one year old at the time so maybe I don't recall it right." But fast forward to 2015, and you will find two brothers whose lives have circled back around to each other as Residents of Paris Healthcare Center. Don also brings along Ruth, his wife of 30 years. The magic of a Christmas birthday has twice touched the Findley family. Ruth's daughter, Karlene Augerinos, is also a "Christmas Day baby."

Jim has lived at PHC for a little over a year. His loving companion of many years, Maureen, visits daily. For years they both have been avid Bingo players in the community and continue to enjoy the game together whenever it is on the activity calendar. Which for Jim's liking should be "every day!" He also frequently visits with his brother Don and sister- in-law Ruth who recently came to PHC and share a room together on Shady Lane. Most mornings after breakfast, Jim will head back to visit in their room, which Ruth states, "Is the best place for us to sit and visit and talk about the family." She and Don both say they like when they can be together because "nothing is better than family."

Don and Jim are two of eleven children all born at home to Pearl Mae & Hurley Findley, in local Marshall, IL. Ten of these children grew into adulthood. A baby brother, Mac Arthur, (named after two favorite uncles) died as a toddler. They both remember him but cannot recall the exact circumstances of his passing. "In those days," said Don, "The doctor would do what he could, and you just simply didn't ask many questions." Both brothers served in the Army: Don in the Philippines and Jim state-side. Jim recalls being "quite a good touch typist in high school." That talent led him to a job with the Army as a Supply Sergeant. When I asked him about typing, he said, "At first I didn't want to do it. Most boys in school didn't take those classes. But a teacher recommended me and so I decided to be the best at it that I could be. I still remember those days." Jim also built homes in the local area and said learning how to properly use a hammer served him well in his life. Don and Ruth state they enjoyed the home he built for them.

Neither brother remembers anything special about Jim being born on Christmas Day. He would get one toy that would serve as both a birthday gift & a Christmas gift. The brothers spoke over each other recalling memories of childhood "growing up poor, but sticking together." Don recalled the two brothers "running around town asking stores for one cracker for each of us." This worked for them for a long time until Jim decided he needed two crackers. One for each hand. "Then, "Don said, "It was all over and we got no more crackers." About this, Jim has no regrets. He just looked at his brother, they exchanged a smile and a laugh. But how much more went unspoken between two men who have lived their separate lives for so long to end up together on another Christmas Day. Paris Healthcare Center is proud to assist the Findley brothers in telling their story. We are thankful to each of them for choosing an IMG facility.






Respectfully submitted,
Amy K. Hannig, A.D., CDP
Life Enrichment Director
Paris Healthcare Center